For most, to be a woman is to know the pain and its many facets. Whether your pain derives from the loss of a loved one, being a struggling single mother, domestic violence, or a survivor of sexual assault, we have all overcome, or are attempting to overcome, one struggle or another. That's why The WRATH Foundation was created.


Our Vision

Women Rising Against The Hurt was founded on the basis of ushering survivors through their battles with finding a place of solace. Oftentimes, women take a pause in the area of being able to find their peace and healing. The goal of The WRATH Foundation is to build solidarity among a sisterhood of like-minded women in hopes of aiding one another to achieve our goals.

Women Rising Against The Hurt has become a mantra among all within our organization. It is the purpose and passion of everyone involved that victims and survivors alike are welcomed into a nurturing and safe environment when escaping their situations. The goal is to take our convictions and beliefs and turn them into action.

Meet Our Creator

Those who know me know that I am passionate about helping people. But as a 25-year hairstylist, I have been privy to several life-altering testimonies and have grown to advocate for women especially. I have seen such a vast need in the areas of mental and emotional health, financial stability, and spiritual healing.

In my passion and love for this cause, I have established this organization to aid women, specifically, in these areas of need. If you think you, or a woman you know, could benefit from our organization, please join us. God bless.